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5 min readNov 9, 2020

It is an unfortunate experience for any investor who has been a victim of scams. Those scammers take your hard-earned assets irresponsibly and leave you with a destructed financial condition. A lot of ways exist to recover your money from scam investment online.

Yes, online scams have grown a massive number of victims as they’re mostly unregulated and beyond the reach of the local authority.

The solutions for a fund recovery from an investment scam would depend on several factors, including the payment method, case complication, and so forth. However, when it comes to an investment scam online, you’d need to follow the money, and that’s closely related to the payment method you’re using to make a deposit or pay for the investment.

Before you can reverse the payment, you need to know how the fraudsters or scammers take the payment. Only this way can you know what to do when you have been scammed and get the best solution to reclaim your fund. Investment frauds use different payment methods, including casual bank transfer, debit card, credit card, PayPal, and wired payment. Every payment method requires its reversing solution. Disputing your transaction is the option left when the broker or investment company refuses to refund your money.

Payment with Bank Transfer

When it comes to bank transfer as the payment method for the investment, there are chances of scammers performing unauthorized transactions on the bank account you’ve linked. Whenever you find a transaction you don’t recognize, you can report it to your bank for further investigation. There are possibilities of reimbursements on the money you’ve lost if you take immediate action.

Banks have the responsibility to protect their clients. You can request a refund for errors or unauthorized payment made by those investment scammers. Once the bank’s investigation recognizes the scam-driven amount, they can reimburse your payment. Once they prove the faulty charge, you can get a full instead of a partial refund.

If you use the bank transfer once for investment and suddenly realize I am a scam. Also, the scammer is draining my account. It would help if you went directly to your bank. However, there will be no reimbursement did the transfer of the fund of your own will.

Payment with Debit Card

Even though it’s not as popular as credit cards, many people use debit cards for payment on their investment. When you’ve made some deposit on binary options and feel like you’re being scammed, you can dispute it to the card issuer or only the bank.

At the point where you can withdraw your money or as you don’t get the benefits/profits promised by binary options scams or other investment scammers, you can request a chargeback.

With a thorough investigation, complete documentation, and evidence, the bank can smoothly process your chargeback request. The bank will claim the fund back from the scammer’s bank and provide you with reimbursement with the amount of money you’ve scammed.
The key to successfully reversing the process is by taking immediate action as soon as you realize a binary options site is scamming you. Whenever you’re unable to retrieve your money from your trading account even after depositing, you should contact the debit card issuing bank and submit a chargeback.

Payment with Credit Card

If you use the credit card for the payment and are a victim of scams or fraud investment, you can also request a card issuer chargeback. Depending on where you live, the chargeback process can be a quick process with clear evidence and low-valued transactions.
For more complicated cases, mostly where the binary option or investment providers dispute the chargeback, the card network will not interfere. Not only would they review the issues and check their working space, but the card network may also decide who should pay in the end.

The credit card chargeback process can last from weeks to months. Depending on your case’s complication, like real estate scam recovery that may take a longer time. The card issuer will pass your case to the card network, before they notify the investment sites to settle the chargeback. However, if the scammer insists on holding your money, the chargeback process may take longer.

Payment with PayPal

If you’re using Paypal and feel scammed by online investment like binary options scam, there are three stages of the solution to get your money back:
You can contact the merchant or the investment site whether they’re willing to refund your money.
Secondly, you can dispute the transaction via PayPal’s Resolution center, and there would be twenty days for the progress.

The Paypal Buyer Protection scheme delivers advanced dispute mechanism. It also provides you with a full refund over undelivered, false, or defected delivery.
However, the buyer protection scheme will only apply if you use the actual PayPal website for the payment. Not the fake or copied one. Online investment scammers may trick you into making an undisputed payment that can make a refund impossible to obtain.

Wired Payment Method

If you use wired payment methods Western Union or Payment, you’d have a more limited option to dispute the transaction. It’s because they use wire payment as fully authorized and don’t have to account for the chargeback. However, the payment providers may have some limited solutions if you’re a victim of investment fraud.

Third-Party Involvement

Can’t get your money back from forex trading scams through transaction disputes or chargebacks,? Consider involving a third-party recovery agent. It’s an advisable solution if you want a professional to help you with the refund process.

More morally-driven companies help traders and investors to recover their assets from investment frauds and scams. However, you should choose the best recovery company with relevant knowledge in binary options, cryptocurrency, Forex, and other cons.

Third-party involvement will be necessary for recovery if the refund and chargeback initiative comes to a dead end.

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